We are glad to inform you that the company “GlanzTechnik” has expanded its technical facilities base in Ulyanovsk with a new generation equipment from the German manufacturer Alpha Laser - Al-Rock for surface hardening and powder surfacing.

Commissioning works and first presentations were carried out in cooperation with our German partners. Currently, the equipment is completely ready for work, we are waiting for you at the presentation and test run of the equipment. Since September 2018, our company has been offering a new type of work: die stamping of molding surfaces and other equipment. We perform texturing of dies from all known instrument steels, including stainless alloys, as well as aluminum, beryllium copper and other alloys.

In case of damage to textured surfaces during operation or storage and the need of refurbishment it is important to restore the original form of the surface (by surfacing and polishing) and then emboss. Depending on the type of damage and the die dimensions, it is possible to carry out repairs directly at the customer’s site without complete mold disassembling. In this case, the downtime of the equipment is significantly reduced.

Our clients:

Avtovaz Magna Альтернатива Мир Упаковки Форш LegrandУАЗ


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