The company “GlanzTechnik” OOO. Laser cladding and polishing of press dies

Press dies polishing

Our experts with deep experience in this field can offer the high quality service for your press dies. Using the manual processing method they will restore the working surfaces and will make them optimal. In a variety of ways, from rough grinding to mirror polishing, we will eliminate surface irregularities, edges and contours curving, recesses, as well as eliminate erosion and corrosion of different levels.

Laser cladding technology

Laser cladding technology is recommended for the restoration of worn-out press dies, die blocks and the elimination of various defects formed during their manufacture, such as: cracks, dents, burrs, cavities and pores, hot cracks and places of adhesive seizure. High pointing accuracy of laser beam at the defect site, precise energy dosing allow graded cladding of narrowly defined areas minimizing mechanical processing during further repair stages.

Service maintenance

In order to prevent damage and constantly maintain the dies in good working, you can order after-sale service of your equipment from our company!

Extend the life of your press dies and increase their efficiency. Call us!

Our advantages:

  • Professional repair of dies and molds
  • Strict adherence to deadlines
  • Full service maintenance at the customer’s site

We will restore the working condition of your fittings!

Our services:

  • Care and maintenance of precise polished dies.
  • Preserving all press dies parameters.
  • Restoration of previous contours, edges, splines and working surfaces.
  • Elimination of curvatures and irregularities of working surfaces.
  • Damage control: corrosion, erosion of molds working surfaces.
  • Scheduled enterprise servicing on a subscription basis.
  • Laser cladding with the following restoration of working surfaces

Our clients:

Avtovaz Magna Альтернатива Мир Упаковки Форш LegrandУАЗ

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