Laser cladding (laser cladding technology)

The organization is equipped with a mobile laser welding device ALFlak-300 with a console-based laser manufactured by the leading German supplier of laser devices - the company AlphaLaser, allowing easy access to welding positions in deep, complex dies. Using this equipment, we carry out spot and seam welding and surfacing in a semi-automatic mode, including with deep penetration.

Main areas of laser equipment application:

Precision engineering

  • Precision welding of metal parts

Manufacturing of molds and dies for casting and forming

  • Correction of surface defects, sealing of caverns in various kinds of equipment - from small to heavy press dies and molds.

Laser welding is characterized and popularized by:

  • Precise energy focusing, which is especially important for microsized products
  • No deformation of weldments
  • Small thermal effect distribution area
  • No edge burning
  • No cavities in welding seams
  • No preheating required
  • High seal strength

Weld materials:

  • Steel and cast iron - all types and grades
  • Copper alloys, bronze
  • Aluminum alloys
  • Titanium alloys
  • Other

Laser cladding technology is recommended for the restoration of worn-out press dies, die blocks and the elimination of various defects formed during their manufacture, such as: cracks, dents, burrs, cavities and pores, hot cracks and places of adhesive seizure. High pointing accuracy of laser beam at the defect site, precise energy dosing allow graded cladding of narrowly defined areas minimizing mechanical processing during further repair stages.

Our clients:

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